The beach of As Furnas, at the entrance of the Estuary of Noia. Located on the peninsula of O Barbanza, in the municipality of Porto do Son, this beach is characterized by its canals and natural pools formed by the wear and tear of the wind and water in its slate rocks. This is a work of art that will make you discover the greatness of nature.

Just 50 kilometers from “Santiago de Compostela”, the “city of Pontevedra” would be the next major city nearby (about 85 km). If you want accommodation nearby you can contact «SienteGalicia» and we will make sure that your getaway to this place is perfect.

In addition to all this natural wonder, the beach offers many options for water sports such as surfing and bodysurfing. If you want to check the conditions to practice them you can see the ones in this link Surf Forecast

Visit us and you will enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean.

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