There are many and varied getaways that can be made in Galicia, but one of the most attractive destinations is undoubtedly the beach of As Furnas at the entrance of the Estuary of Noia. Located on the peninsula of O Barbanza, in the municipality of Porto do Son, this beach is characterized by its canals and natural pools formed by the wear and tear of the wind and water in its slate rocks. This is a work of art that will make you discover the greatness of nature.

It is a beach with unspoilt surroundings, formed by fine white sand. Embraced by the braveness of the sea, with wells of crystal clear water and turquoise color. Another feature of these natural pools is that they are mostly surrounded by rocks and in them do not notice their actual depth. It also stands out for its strong swell and the usual wind. From the beach we can take a long walk and get closer to the lagoons of Xuño and Muro. In addition, as you can see the first image of this post, it is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

As an anecdote, we can point out that it is the beach where Alejandro Amenabar shot the scenes of the film "Mar Adentro", and where Ramón Sanpedro the protagonist, had the accident that left him tetraplegic. In 2018 it returned to the screens of our houses becoming a key location in the television series "Fariña".

This beach is located just 50 kilometers from "Santiago de Compostela", the "city of Pontevedra" would be the next big city nearby (about 85 km). If you want accommodation nearby you can contact «SienteGalicia» and we will make sure that your getaway to this place is perfect.


Visit us and you will enjoy spectacular sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean.

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