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We want to share with you all the news that has made our summer. We are in the Repsol Guide as one of the three beach bars chosen in Barbanza (Coruña) as favorites by the users of the renowned tour guide.

After receiving hundreds of customer visits since 2015 and valuing our work, they have taken an interest in our Sustainable Beach Bar project on the Galician coast. We believe in a tourism model in which to combine the care of the environment with tourism. Here you have the complete article so you can enjoy it as much as we do.


Chiringo Furnas Xuño

‘Chiringo As Furnas’ (Xuño)

The wind fiercely defends this wild beach where the waves stir and only experienced surfers dare to take the variable peaks. Between the rocks natural pools are formed to which it owes its name: furna is translated from Galician as ‘grotto’.

Chiringo Furnas Xuño


Chiringo As Furnas by the sea in Xuño

Facing the open sea, with the northwest blowing relentlessly, a beach bar has been planted since 2015, ‘Chiringo As Furnas’. The chairs and bowls of nuts that accompany the frozen beers are flown to the minimum. Something that does not make customers give up. Because there you feel free, primitive and very lucky. The wind only increases the impression of privilege and helps to move away any thoughts that cloud the happiness of the moment. Especially when you throw them – dolphins – jump in the foam. Its presence in the estuary is a guarantee of optimum water quality and abundance of fish.

Chiringo Furnas Xuño


Chiringuito As Furnas with Whales and Dolphins


Manuel Tomé followed the throbbing of his wife Chus Paz, a native of Xuño, who saw that on this beach, which Ramón Sampedro made sadly famous and where Mar Adentro and Fariña have been filmed, it was a good place to install a beach bar.

“I am from a family with four generations of hoteliers – his mother owns the restaurant ‘Carou’ and his wife runs an ice cream kiosk in Porto do Son – and we saw clearly that the uniqueness and beauty of this beach were perfect to offer a service that did not exist. The beach bar was made by Carpintería Laranga, authors of the campsite on the Islas Ons, which won a national sustainability award. They designed it with self-sustainability criteria, with a water tank and solar panels, certified wood and an ecological water varnish on the deck ”.


Chiringo Furnas Xuño


Chiringo As Furnas Xuño ideal for Surfing


The offer is drinks, sandwiches (sausage, cheese, sausage, bacon, loin, “criollo”, ham ..) and cocktails. And it is that at sunset, the ball cups and the beers are trimmed on the same horizon in which during the filming of Fariña Sito and Terito they designed their relationship.

In As Furnas, pulling towards the virgin area of ​​Espiñeirido, nudism is practiced in contrast to the integral neoprene of surfers, who come and go through the wooden walkways. Although Manuel points out that there are more and more people, the historical maximum has been in 100 people on a Saturday afternoon at the beach bar. The usual, weekdays in August, does not exceed 50 customers at the same time in rush hour. Precisely part of the charm of the 25 km of coastline of Porto do Son is the low density of tourists.

“We have many foreign and local clients, we are trying to integrate those of the parish, aged between 15 and 60. They come to contemplate the landscape and arroases at sunset time. It is also curious to see newly married couples taking pictures. The photographers say that there is very good light here, ”says Manuel as the sun sets and the selfies multiply.



Source: Guía Repsol